Sample outline of an SPP Action Plan

Sample outline of an SPP Action Plan

You can use the following outline as the basis for developing your SPP Action Plan Index. We have included next to some of the sections, the equivalent Open SPP area for which you can find more information in this section.

The outline presented has been adapted from: UNEP 2021, Sustainable Public Procurement: How to Wake the Sleeping Giant! Introducing the United Nations Environment Programme’s Approach (page 94).


  • 1.1 History of SPP in the country
  • 1.2 Contribution to sustainable development objectives
  • 1.3 Relevant laws and regulations for SPP

Institutional arrangements (Governance structure and responsibilities)

  • 2.1 This should explain how the SPP responsibilities are divided between ministries and other stakeholders

Addressing legal barriers for SPP (Enabling environment)

  • 3.1 Changes or adjustments that should be made to the current legislation to favor SPP
  • 3.2 Actions to articulate existing laws and regulations to favor SPP implementation

Identifying priority product groups and services and definition of criteria (Prioritized procurement categories)

  • 4.1 Brief summary of how and why these product groups or services can be selected
  • 4.2 Process of prioritizing and selecting products and services for SPP
  • 4.3 Process of market engagement
  • 4.4 Preparation of SPP criteria

Development and adaptations of new sustainable procurement tools (Capacity building plan)

5.1  Sustainable Procurement Guidelines of the Priority Products

5.2 Updated tender documents

5.3  Training modules

Integrating sustainability requirements in the procurement cycle (Capacity building plan)

  • 6.1 Analysis of processes that facilitate SPP implementation, including procurement planning
  • 6.2 Actions to ensure integration of sustainability requirements at all stages of the procurement cycle
  • 6.3 Institutions to be implementing pilot tenders

Capacity Building Strategy (Capacity building plan)

  • 7.1 Capacity Building needs
  • 7.2 Capacity Building Strategy

Communication Strategy

  • 8.1 Communication responsibilities
  • 8.2 Stakeholders to be reached
  • 8.3 Communication Strategy

Monitoring and control (Monitoring & evaluation)

9.1.  Need for monitoring and control

9.2 How to quantify and determine impact through indicators

Estimated budget to be allocated (Assigned budget)

10.1 Fundraising and other strategies to ensure SPP annual funding

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