Quick checklist - Share your compliance trail

Quick checklist - Share your compliance trail

The following checklist has been created for national authorities to easily identify which documents they might need to refer to when communicating the enabling environment in their SPP Action Plan, and for procurement practitioners to identify, and refer to, these documents when communicating compliance on a contract-by-contract basis. For more information on the concepts introduced in this checklist, see section Establish an enabling environment in the Open SPP toolkit.

Compliance Trail Checklist

Regulation where relevant guiding principles are mentioned (VfM, economy, effectiveness).
Procurement policy documents that have been used to interpret relevant guiding principles.
Regulation with provisions for considering factors other than price as evaluation or award criteria.
Regulation with provisions for considering specific sustainability factors as evaluation or award criteria.
Regulation which includes provisions for the procurement practices applied, including pre-procurement market engagement and ongoing dialogue during the procurement phase.
Regulation relating to the specific condition tied to the value of the contract, including procurement thresholds.
Regulation relating to setting targets, or reserving contracts.
Relevant distinct regulations concerning the procuring agency.
Relevant category-specific regulations.
Relevant environmental and social laws included in the contract.
Relevant environmental and social policies and plans that underpin the inclusion of specific sustainability criteria.

Remember that, although you will find most of these regulations at the national level, it is important to consider any variations at the local level, and any international frameworks that might have served as guidance.

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